The Studio offers a variety of distinct programs for the aspiring dancer

PREPARATORY BALLET PROGRAM for young dancers age 4 through 8 years 

PROFESSIONAL TRAINING PROGRAM for students age 8 and up

TEEN PROGRAM - a special program for teens who want to study recreationally or augment other dance or performing arts training

ADULT PROGRAM - a drop-in program for adults; class ability levels vary from season to season.

BOYS - boys are given special gender-based attention and exercises during pointe classes as well as during all academy professional program training classes; while girls focus on pointe work and preparedness for such, boys are challenged by additional strength-training and coordination exercises required for specialized male technique.  The 2019-2020 Curriculum includes a designated Boys Class for Levels IVb and up.

A complimentary trial lesson is available for each of our programs.  Contact our Registrar to schedule.  Dancers with previous experience can take this free lesson as your evaluation class.  See our Enrollment page for more information.  

The Preparatory Ballet Program encompasses our Pre-Ballet and Primary classes.  For ages four through eight, our Pre-Ballet program builds your child's confidence, posture, coordination and flexibility, while nurturing a joy of dance. Skills such as cooperation with others and following directions are developed as concentration is increased. The Pre-Ballet Program prepares young boys and girls for the challenges of our Professional Training Program.  Dancers not quite yet four-years-old may take an evaluation class and depending on maturity and space availability, may be accepted into our program.

Professional training for aspiring dancers age eight and up.  Dancers begin in Level Ia and move up through the syllabus level by level as skills are mastered.  Dancers with previous experience are evaluated for level upon enrollment.  Our comprehensive syllabus is based on the Russian Vaganova teaching method, with influences from the Royal Academy of Dancing, Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet syllabus, and our director's vast teaching and performing experience. 

The Professional Program curriculum is set up to encourage students with professional aspirations to take additional classes below their own level each week — free of charge. As each student gains technical prowess, the basics remain ever so important to their steady growth. Serious students in Levels II and up are especially encouraged to take advantage of extra training. We recommend that students in Levels V and VI take as many classes as possible in addition to their own required curriculum; these classes should be taken en pointe as often as possible.

Take the original Barre class and learn classical ballet!  Our staff offers professional guidance in developing skills in older dancers.  Enjoy learning and perfecting the exacting details of classical ballet technique, including posture, core strength, alignment, flexibility, grace, and coordination in an encouraging and professional atmosphere.  Though consistency will aid your progress, this program allows busy adults the flexibility of coming to class on a drop-in basis.  Class cards are kept in the office and a payment record is posted at the office door for easy reference.

Our professional faculty teaches students who wish to study on a recreational level with the same knowledge offered our Professional Program students.  Teens who are interested in pursuing acting, singing, ice skating, gymnastics or other forms of dance are encouraged to learn the basics of all dance forms, which is classical ballet.  This unique drop-in program offers flexibility for teens with a busy schedule.  Though consistency is important for steady progress, this program does not have attendance requirements.  Pay only for classes attended.  Your class card is kept in the office and a payment record is posted at the office door for easy reference. 

Refer to Course Descriptions on the right side bar of this page for each of our programs.

The health of our students, families and our faculty and staff are our priority.  We are not opening our doors in the next phase, even though it is legal to do so.  We respect the amount of hard work (breathing, sweating) that our training requires and do not want to jeopardize the health of our students, staff and families by having them exercise indoors.

Intensive Program July 27-August 7
(Levels IIb and up)

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Summer 2020 Brochure (revised)

Course Descriptions:

Preparatory Ballet Program

Professional Training Program

Adult and Teen Ballet

Boys Ballet






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