The Ballet Alliance

an association of pre-professional companies

The former Regional Dance America/Pacific Region member companies have recently formed The Ballet Alliance, securing the future for dancers yet to come.  Our companies value rigorous training methods and innovative choreography, which benefit the education of our dancers.  We look to the future as an organization that values education over all else.  Our member Artistic Directors cooperate each spring to host an annual Festival, as we have done each year.  The Festival is a wonderful experience for our dancers, where they take master classes, perform, and forge new relationships.  Our members will ensure that scholarships to world-class ballet schools, contracts to professional companies and acceptance to prestigious college and university dance programs will continue to be available to our dancers at each Festival.  


Festival 2023

The Ballet Alliance Festival takes place in El Paso Texas April 2023.  Each member company will perform one company piece, and are eligible to also perform an Emerging Choreography piece if chosen by the Festival Artistic Director.  There is a panel of three Festival Artistic Directors serving the organization this year, and Alan Hineline will work with SCBT.  At the Festival, dancers participate in master classes and seminars and perform or watch from the audience each evening.  Recruiters are on hand throughout the event, and offer early-acceptances to college and university dance programs, and scholarships to summer intensive programs.  The process includes a master class with our Festival Artistic Director and in-person Evaluation, in which he works with our dancers, artistic director and choreographers on the pieces chosen for performance.   

Go to The Ballet Alliance website for more information.



Our association with the National Association for Regional Ballet and Regional Dance America

The National Association of Regional Ballet (NARB) was established in 1956.  NARB contributed to the decentralization of dance and, under its auspices, regional companies grew in stature and quality nationwide.  Over time, five regions were formed.  Over 200 companies, including more than 2 dozen nationally recognized professional groups, have been NARB or RDA member companies.  Regional Dance America (RDA) was founded in 1988 to continue the work of NARB and promote the artistic development of dance companies throughout the United States.  Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre was a proud member of Regional Dance America/Pacific from 1988 to 2018, and continues to be dedicated to the regional ballet movement through The Dance Alliance. 






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