Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre is comprised of three different performing companies: Senior, Junior and Petite; descriptions follow.


Senior Company

The Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre Senior Company is comprised of pre-professional dancers, ages 13 to 20. They are chosen for their talent as well as their commitment to their training and enthusiasum for the art of ballet. These dedicated young artists participate in an average of 15 hours of weekly rehearsal in addition to their rigorous training schedules. The Senior Company presents a varied repertoire throughout the season and represents SCBT at the annual Ballet Alliance Festival.  The dancers come from all over Santa Cruz County and beyond.   


2019-2020 Senior Company dancers photographed by Jim Schwartz.

Junior Company

The Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre Junior Company is made up of students who are at a high intermediate level of technique, and are en pointe. Ages range from 11 to 15 years. These young aspiring dancers learn and perform their own repertoire during the season. Some are chosen to learn pieces that the Senior Company dancers will perform, and a select few may be chosen to dance alongside Senior Company dancers in some repertoire. 

The Junior Company experience includes valuable time in rehearsals with advanced level Senior Company members, where the Junior dancers learn the ropes of concentration and extreme work ethic in rehearsal and performance situations. Junior Company dancers are building the experience and technique for a career in the field of professional ballet or dance. They are required to maintain an excellent attendance record and show academic prowess as well. Dancers who complete one or more seasons in the Junior Company and display talent for the art form are well-prepared for the challenges Senior Company membership brings with it, having an active role in the annual Ballet Alliance Adjudication and Festival being some of the highlights.


2019-2020 Junior Company dancers photographed by Jim Schwartz.

Petite Company

The Petite Company are dancers age seven and up who are interested in increasing their performance skills and gaining more performance experience throughout the season. Dancers attend rehearsals on weekends with award-winning choreographer Robert Kelley, who designs pieces especially for their talents. Petite Company dancers become familiar with the rehearsal and performance process that Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre offers.  Requirements are professional in nature, rehearsals are directed by our Artistic Directors or Associate Choreographer, and performance experiences are of the highest caliber. 


2020 Petite Company dancers photographed by Jim Schwartz.







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