Established in 1976 ~ Directed by Diane Cypher and Robert Kelley since 1998

The Studio has been the official academy of Santa Cruz Ballet Theater since the non-profit performing organization was created.  Founding Director Jean Dunphy pursued the addition of a non-profit arm in 1982 to provide performing experience for her students.  Both The Studio and Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre have been directed by Robert Kelley and Diane Cypher since 1998.

It has long been the goal of both the Directors and the Board of Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre to merge the two organizations into one.  Both are undeniably interlaced, serve an analogous purpose and are artistically driven by an indistinguishable vision.  Championed by our longevity in the Santa Cruz arts community, Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre and The Studio endeavor to fulfill a longtime need for a larger scale dance education center in Santa Cruz, together.  If you would like to help us fulfill this dream, please contact Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre Board President, Mark Swan at

For more information about The Studio's effective training programs, see our About page.  We are not a "participation trophy" school.  In other words, our students are not rewarded just for showing up.  Rather, our students are rewarded for hard work and determination, difficult to find in today's instant-gratification and entitled world.  Every student with discipline and commitment -- almost completely regardless of body type -- can be trained into a lovely dancer.  If you are a parent who wishes to instill in your child these almost lost virtues, The Studio is the right choice for you.  Look over testimonials from former students and parents who appreciate the time spent in our academy; though some remain anonymous, they are from real students and parents, not fabricated by us.  

As educators we take our responsibility seriously to teach lifelong skills that will forever change you or your child for the better.  Come join us!

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