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Company Rehearsal Schedule        

Sunday, February 25
Company Class at The Studio  11-12:30
Senior Company Call to the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium  1:30 pm
SC Symphony Family Concert - O Fortuna performance  2:00 pm
Finish approximately 3 pm
Pick up by 3:30 pm 

Tuesday, February 27
Swans (no AvaRose)  6:45-8:00

Friday, March 2
Run-through Good for Nothin' Charm  6:45-7:00
Pivot  7-8:00

Saturday, March 3
Swan Lake - All (Juliette & Massimo leave when you need to for other rehearsals)  1:30-4:00
Madison, Lucy, Alejandra with Petite Group C  1:30-2:30
Juliette and Perle with Petite Group B  2:30-3:30
Otto with Petite Group A  3:30-4:30
COSTUME FITTING: All Junior Company girls  4:30 pm
Rothbart, Siegfried and Odette (in technique shoes)  4:30-5:00
COSTUME FITTING: All Swan Lake (girls bring trunks)  5:00 pm

Sunday, March 4
Company Class  11-12:30
Swan Lake - All  1-2:30
Gaelicia  3-4:00

Tuesday,March 6
Swans (no AvaRose)  6:45-8:00

Friday, March 9
Good For Nothin' Charm  7:45-7:00
Pivot  7-8:00

Saturday, March 10
Swan Lake - all except Massimo and Juliette (girls in technique shoes)  1:30-2:30
All Junior Company dancers with Petite Co  1:30-3:00
Swan Lake - All (to be viewed by major donors and board members)  3-4:00
Swan Lake - rehearsal continued, whatever needs work  4-5:00

Sunday, March 11
Company Class  11-12:30
Gaelicia - Gabriela, AvaRose, Ryan  1-2:00
Gaelicia - All  2-3:00
RDA Festival Meeting for all participants  3-4:00

Tuesday, March 13
Swan Lake - All  6:45-8:00

Friday, March 16
Gaelicia  6:45-7:30
Pivot  7:30-8:00

Saturday, March 17
Run-through of entire In Concert program in performance order with all accessories and hairdos (no makeup)  2-4:00 
Rehearsal/notes as needed - Senior and Junior Company dancers  4-5:00

Sunday, March 18
Company Class  11-1:00
Good For Nothin' Charm  1:30-2:00
Company rehearsal TBA (will be announced at the end of Saturday's run-through)  2-4:00



Children's Rehearsal Information  

PLEASE NOTE: Petite Company costume requirements for In Concert are posted on the Petite Company bulletin board at The Studio

Saturday, March 3
Group C rehearsal  1:30-2:30 pm
Group B rehearsal  2:30-3:30 pm
Group A rehearsal  3:30-4:30 pm
COSTUME FITTING: All Petite Company girls  4:30 pm
Massimo in Swan Lake 1:30-3:30 and 4:30-5:00 pm
COSTUME FITTING: Massimo/Rothbart  5:00 pm

Saturday, March 10
All Groups rehearsal  1:30-3:00 pm

Saturday, March 17
Petite Company Call to The Studio 1:45 pm
Run-through of the entire In Concert program in order, with all COSTUMES, hairdos and dancer-provided accessories (no makeup)  2-4:00
Petite Company dancers will sit in the studio and watch Swan Lake before getting into costume for a run-though of their piece.  
Finish approximately 3:30 pm
Please pick up by 4:00 pm

Dancers, please bring healthy snacks/food to the Crocker Theater; food is not provided as it is during "The Nutcracker."  No fast food or colored drinks allowed backstage.  Thank you.

Friday, March 23
Petite Company Call to the Crocker Theater 5:00 pm
Spacing rehearsal (bring practice clothes and booties or socks to cover ballet slippers), Dress/Technical Rehearsal in COSTUME with hairdos and makeup  7-9:00 pm
Petite Company pick up time approximately  8:30 pm

Saturday, March 24
Petite Company Call to the Crocker Theater 1:00 pm
Performance  2:00 pm
Pick up time 4:00 pm

Sunday, March 25
Petite Company Call to the Crocker Theater 1:00 pm
Performance  2:00 pm
Pick up time 4:00 pm








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