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Company Rehearsal Schedule            


Saturday and Sunday, April 10 and 11
Company DAYS OFF

Monday, April 12
COSTUME FITTING: Rebekah, Arielle, Elise (Wilis - bring trunks)  6:30-7:00 pm

Wednesday, April 14
COSTUME FITTING: All Senior Company girls - Act II - bring trunks  7-7:30 pm 

Friday, April 16
REVISED (add Otto)
Giselle rehearsal: Katelin, Juliette, Massimo, Asher and Otto  7-8:00 pm

Saturday, April 17
The Ballet Alliance Master Class for Senior Company (not apprentices): Modern w/Autumn Eckman  (All in Studio A)  10-12:00 noon
The Ballet Alliance Master Class for Senior Company Apprentices and Junior Company dancers: Contemporary w/Amber Davis (All in Studio A) 12:30-2:00 pm
Otto and Andrew assist with Boys Class  12:45-1:30 pm
Giselles & Albrechts work on your own/review in Studio C during the day; communicate with each other regarding the time and work as a team.
Giselle Rehearsal Act I - All (includes Andrew and Riley, Apprentices and Junior Company  2:30-4:00 pm
Revised 4/6 (removed principals): Wilis rehearsal, all Senior Company girls and apprentices, not Katelin nor Juliette (Savanna leave when you need to for work)  4:30-6:00

Sunday, April 18
Company DAY OFF

Friday, April 23
Giselle rehearsal: Katelin, Juliette, Massimo, Asher and Otto  7-8:00 pm

Saturday, April 24
Class 10:15-12:00 noon (All Senior Company girls and Otto can be in the Studio)
Massimo and Asher assist with Boys Class  12:45-1:30 pm
Myrtha, Wilis and Hilarion (Elise arrive as soon as you are able)  12:30-1:30 pm
Act II - All (Giselle, Albrecht, Myrtha, Wilis, Hilarion)  1:30-3:15 pm
Act I - All (includes Wilfred, Berthe if possible, not Bathilde)  3:30-5:00 pm
SCBT Benefit Dinner Pick up between 4:45 and 5 pm

Sunday, April 25
Company DAY OFF





Children's Rehearsal Information            

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"The Nutcracker" TBA
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2020-2021 Festival Events:
Fall College Dance Program webinar
January Dancer Mental Health webinar Click HERE for resources
March How to be a Student of Dance webinar
Emerging Choreography showcase
Feb 15 Senior Company Adjudication
Spring Master Classes:
Sat, April 17 w/Autumn Eckman (Modern).
Sat, May 1 w/Anna Lantz.
Sat, May 8 w/Debra Austin.
Sat, May 8 Mens class w/Marin Bioeru

Apprentice Track classes (Senior Company apprentices and Junior Company dancers):
Sat, April 17 w/Amber Davis (Contemporary).
Sat, May 8 w/Liz Keller 


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