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Intermediate/Advanced Adult Ballet

The intermediate/advanced class level is appropriate for any student who has reached an intermediate level of study, even if it was many years ago in childhood.  Classes progress from barre through stretching and center floor work, challenging and rewarding students with diverse backgrounds in dance.  Some students are pre-professionals taking extra classes, some are teens and adults who have studied in our beginning class for a year or more, others are retired dancers or people who studied in their youth.  This class builds upon concepts and technique studied in the beginning class, and allows for a range of abilities to develop.   The instructor can help modify combinations for those who prefer, or will welcome you to try new challenges.


Morning Adult Intermediate Classes with Rebecca Blair.  This class meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 to 11:30 am.  These classes are for dancers at an Intermediate level and above.  These classes are offered by Rebecca directly, at our studios.  Visit her website for additional details:


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First class is always free - try ballet without any financial obligation.  All that is needed is a signed waiver from parent or adult student.



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