Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program was developed to help support ballet education and training to the younger students and to initiate new avenues of support for young dancers seeking to be in the Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre’s company as well as those who are interested in a career in the highly competitive field of Ballet. 

Company Dancers actively serve as mentors to younger dancers throughout the season, demonstrating how to balance their intensive training with academics, and showing them the ropes in the rehearsal studio and backstage in the theater. Senior Company dancers are excellent role models. These pre-professional dancers demonstrate the rewards of goals attained with determination and perseverance, unusual in today's world of instant gratification, and imperative to becoming both a successful dancer and a contributing member of society.

Everyone needs guidance and support, especially when it comes to a highly competitive field. Therefore, it is very important, now more than ever, to have a mentor to guide towards becoming a ballet dancer. Paying it forward to those who need help is equally important if we hope to pass this beautiful art down to the next generation, or to have many more magical and entertaining performances for audiences both inside our local community and as professional dancers throughout the nation.

Our Artistic Director offers guidance to students who are applying to colleges, universities and auditioning for dance programs. Becoming a professional dancer is not the only goal we believe in. We are proud of our many graduates who have continued on to higher education, as we know they will always take the work ethic and organizational skills they learned with Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre with them throughout their lives.



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