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September 30th
The performance is called Going Home Star - Truth and Reconciliation, based on real emotions and experiences of some residential school survivors and their families.
September 30th
Ballet San Antonio, the resident ballet company of San Antonio's new Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, opens its season Oct. 16-19 with "Dracula," an original, critically acclaimed work based on Bram Stoker’s haunting tale. The 2014-15 season al…
September 30th
And the lean shall inherit the Earth - on October 1, at least. The date marks World Vegetarian Day as well as World Ballet Day, which will be celebrated in Melbourne with a mammoth outdoor ballet class featuring 100 dancers stretching and prancing along t…
September 29th
William Shakespeare created "A Midsummer Night's Dream" as a group exercise and the fairie-friendly fantasy remains one of his most popular ensemble pieces.
September 29th
As new documentary 'Soul Boys of the Western World' gives a fascinating insight into Spandau Ballet's part in shaping the New Romantic scene, Martin Kemp tells The Telegraph how the band's look came together
September 28th
The heartwarming magic of Charles Dickens will leave audiences spellbound as the Royal New Zealand Ballet brings The Vodafone Season of A Christmas Carol to New Zealand in its final season for 2014.
September 28th
Ballet is a complex work of art, one that requires exquisite timing and perfect grace to appease an audience hungry for beauty. Even pure brilliance isn’t enough to satisfy those viewers; the great Ig
September 26th
Department of Canadian Heritage
September 25th
NEW YORK (AP) — One of the most exciting people making her Broadway debut this season is a powerful and skilled dancer, but not used to doing it in heels.
September 21st
Gainesville Ballet has launched a class designed specifically for children with special needs.


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