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October 20th
"Swan Lake" has been a work in progress ever since its first 1877 Moscow version (now lost), with each new generation adding to — and sometimes undermining — its evolving richness and depth. The great pleasure and power of the 2012 staging by …
October 19th
The Sarasota Ballet performs to sold-out houses in New York's City Center, leaving audiences asking for more.
October 18th
Once upon a time in America, there was ballet in New York and San Francisco. Everywhere else, there were smaller companies trying to catch up: in Tulsa, Boston and Sacramento and Pittsburgh, and they had a long way to go.
October 18th
The ballet is about artistic survival and the obsessions that feed it ? something director Susan Stroman knows well.
October 18th
Twenty-four years ago, the Classical Dance Company of Cambodia astounded audiences at the Los Angeles Festival with its ritual dances and stories of fantastical demons and mythical goddesses.
October 18th
The Pennsylvania Ballet opened its season - and the next chapter in its 51-year existence - Thursday night at the Academy of Music with Press Play: The Directorial Debut of Ángel Corella.
October 17th
Come dressed in costume, have some spooky snacks and find out if Jonathan Harker learns the answer to the long-asked question, 'What manner of man is this?'
October 16th
Liberation movement: ?Dance & Fashion? exhibit spotlights couture made to move.
October 11th
In an age of rampant ballet revisionism, finding an unorthodox "Swan Lake" isn't difficult. In Denmark there's one that depicts the life of Tchaikovsky. Germany offers a version that focuses on Mad King Ludwig of Bavaria. And on Thursday, the Australian B…


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